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JSON Editor Online是一个基于web的工具,用于查看、编辑和格式化JSON。它在清晰、可编辑的树视图和代码编辑器中并排显示数据。

支持的浏览器:Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 8+.

Website: http://json.yongit.com. Website: http://jsoneditoronline.org.


应用程序主菜单包含用于清除、加载和保存应用程序的JSON内容的选项。文件可以从磁盘或url加载,也可以保存到磁盘。请注意,由于安全限制,应用程序只能从公共网站打开文件,而不能从intranet打开文件。描述了数据策略 here.

Main menu


The application contains two panels: a code editor on the left, and a Tree Editor on the right.

There is a splitter between the two panels, allowing to change the width of both panels according to ones needs. To copy the contents from one panel to an other, the two copy buttons between the panels can be used.

Code editor

The code editor displays JSON data in a code editor. The editor is capable of formatting, compacting, and inspecting JSON.

The menu of the code editor contains the following buttons:

Tree editor

The Tree editor displays the JSON data in an editable tree. The editor makes it easy to create, duplicate, remove fields, and to edit the contents of the fields.

The menu of the tree editor contains the following functions:

The field values in the editor are editable input fields. The fields can be dragged up and down using the dragarea on the left side of the fields. When a field is the last item of the childs of an array or object, the field can also be dragged horizontally to move it in or out of the array or object.

Right from the dragarea is a button to open the actions menu. Depending on the type of field, the following functionality is available in the actions menu:

Shortcut keys

The tree editor supports shortcut keys for all available actions. The editor can be used by just a keyboard. The following short cut keys are available:

Key Description
Alt+Arrows Move the caret up/down/left/right between fields
Shift+Alt+Arrows Move field up/down/left/right
Ctrl+D Duplicate field
Ctrl+Del Remove field
Ctrl+Enter Open link when on a field containing an url
Ctrl+Ins Insert a new field with type auto
Ctrl+Shift+Ins Append a new field with type auto
Ctrl+E Expand or collapse field
Alt+End Move the caret to the last field
Ctrl+F Find
F3, Ctrl+G
Find next
Shift+F3, Ctrl+Shift+G Find previous
Alt+Home Move the caret to the first field
Ctrl+M Show actions menu
Ctrl+Z Undo last action
Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo